I am finally checking out this blog possibility whilst in France. Only now do I have the time it seems! I’ve been in Europe about 11 days and am staying in Salies en route to the Camino de Santiago which I plan to start walking on Sunday morning. There is a “Therme” here in the middle of town, like many towns in Europe. Tonight I had the pleasure of bathing in its very salty waters which felt marvellous, but why is it a good thing to do, I wondered. I have yet to really find out, although when I asked someone the question, was told that its good for the joints. Well since I don’t have a problem with my joints,although I feel great afterwards, I’d like to know what its other health benefits are, so will have to investigate some more. In a town square- “La Place Bayaa”, is a big viewing area that looks deep down into the ground, and a staircase that one can arrange to go down into “La Crypte”. In this cavernous place is where the salt fault lay,at one with the oceans of earth, and from which as I understand it, salt is still mined today. It looks very mysterious and waiting to be explored. I know there is no realization in this piece, but I trust that will come as I practice this new “blogging”.